The story behind Rose-Hip Vital®

We begin on the Danish island of Langeland. A pristine location with a population of approximately 13,000 and measuring 50km from north to south and up to 9km east to west. In the early 1980s, one such resident, a Mr Erik ‘Farmer’ Hansen was truly dissatisfied with the forms of therapy available to treat his Osteoarthritis. On the recommendation of a colleague he tried Rosehip Marmalade, and this changed everything.

Highly impressed with the level of symptomatic relief offered by the Rosehip, Hansen began small scale production and distribution of dried Rosehip powder. Before long, thousands of letters from satisfied customers flooded his small office and Hansen realised that he had an amazing treatment to share with the world.

In 1995, Hansen’s son delivered some of the letters of recommendation to an inflammation specialist based at Fredricksberg Hospital, University of Copenhagen. Upon reviewing the feedback, he initiated clinical trials to assess the validity of the reported success at a formal scientific level. The invitro studies undertaken demonstrated impressive results which supported the high effectiveness of the patented Rosehip powder.

What started on a few acres in the early 1980’s has grown into Hyben Vital ApS, the farming and manufacturing company for Rose-Hip Vital® branded powder. Hyben Vital ApS is a family-owned company that spans over 200 hectares and also employs some 40 professional farmers in Denmark and Sweden who grow Rosehip full-time to keep up with the demand.

Rose-Hip Vital® Production Process

Hyben Vital ApS employs a specialised planting technique that involves laying down plastic sheeting while carefully inserting young saplings into the ground at precise intervals. These plants are then allowed to mature for a period of 3 to 4 years before they are harvested. This extended maturation period enables their remarkable root systems to penetrate deep into the ground, below the ploughing level, where they can extract valuable trace minerals from soil that has not been depleted by modern agricultural practices. By adopting this method, no pesticides or fertilizers are required, effectively eliminating the problem of weeds. Once the saplings are planted, nature takes over, carrying out all the incredible work without any artificial intervention.

Once harvested the Rosehips are milled and dried using a patented process which ensures a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. This process isolates the active patented compound GOPO®, found exclusively in Rose-Hip Vital® branded powder.

This unique drying method used by Hyben Vitals ApS is patented worldwide and thanks to many years of intensive research and development, the active compounds in the unique rosehip powder have since been identified. The powder has proven to be equally effective in people, dogs and horses and is sold around the world, improving thousands of lives by breaking the cycle of joint pain.

Since 2014, The Rosehip Specialists™ Pte Ltd has been committed to supporting dogs suffering from joint pain in Singapore by offering a proven 100% natural alternative which helps improve their quality of life.