Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Success Stories

Everyday we hear about amazing reviews and experiences that our customers have had with (what some have called) ‘Powdered Gold‘ or ‘Magic Orange Powder’. We call it Rose-Hip Vital® Canine and we get the privilege of learning about countless journeys everyday. Some are almost like fairy tales and others a small but mighty. Each of them are so important to us and we do our best to share them with everyone!

However in this day and age, with so much misleading marketing out there, we can understand that sometimes people have a little doubt when watching these journeys.

We never fabricate our stories. All the videos you see about our product, on our Website or Facebook, are created using footage given to us directly by our Rose-Hip Vital® Canine users. We’ve never actually filmed one ourselves. We would never falsely advertise our product and its results because, frankly, we don’t need to.

Click a video below to view each dog's amazing success story:


"Dexter - 14 year old Golden Retriever Success Story"

Just to let you know that my retriever (14 years) appeared to have difficulty walking. Right hind leg seemed stiff / painful as he could not place the paw on the ground.

Remembered that you mentioned that Rose-hip Vital was good for humans and dogs, so I got the Rose-hip Vital for dogs, and started feeding my dog with it for the last 5 days.

There has been a notable improvement; although still has a slight limp but able to place the right hind paw on the ground.

Thanks for bringing the product to Singapore.
— Gary, Singapore

"Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Saved My Dog!"

Stephanie Tan Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Testimonial Stitch (second from right) was just 7 when he had nearly died after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease in early 2015. Apart from suffering a month-long 41-degree fever, he had developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and his joints had deteriorated to the point where he was unable to stand. Stitch was temporarily prescribed glucosamine and collagen for his joints and anti-inflammatory medication to cope with the pain. Unfortunately, the anti-inflammatory drugs were a short-term solution as they would eventually damage his kidney and liver.

We decided to replace his combination of supplements and drugs with just the Rose-Hip Vital® Canine in June 2015, and the results were extremely positive. It has been a mere 6 months since I started Stitch and my other dogs on Rose-Hip Vital® Canine, and he appears to be just as agile as he once was – flying up the stairs and leaping onto his favourite couches with complete ease and without any hesitation. Apart from also boasting richer coloured coats, it is a huge bonus that the furkids thoroughly enjoy the flavour of the powder supplement. Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has evidently been an effective joint and health supplement for our furkids and we plan to keep it in their daily diets, for life.
— Stephanie Tan

"Mochi has been using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for her skin allergies, yeast infection, hot spots & more"

Jasmine T Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Testimonial I wanted to share the good news that Mochi is doing well after 5 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital® Canine. Previously, she was plagued with yeast infection, skin allergy issues, hair loss and bald patches around her body. Her skin was perpetually itchy with hot spots especially on her chest, belly and front legs. I tried epsom salt soaks, vinegar cleanses, and fed her coconut oil to no avail.

Just last week, I've noticed a significant improvement in her skin and coat. Gone are the rashes, her skin is now healthy and pink again - not even a pesky schnauzer bump left! I've tried my best to do a side by side comparison (as attached), the left picture shows before, with black scabs and discolouration on her chest, the right side is 1 month after regularly taking rose-hip vital. Her coat has also grown thicker and fuller. The bald patch exposing her belly is much less prominent at the sides (in the 2nd photo attached). Any unpleasant yeasty odours have also disappeared from her coat, and she generally seems more relaxed as compared to before.

She's still as active as ever, and jumps onto the sofa and bed with greater ease now. Thank you for this great product, I will definitely recommend and repurchase!
— Jasmine T

"Summer's Story"

When Summer was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia at 1 year old, our hearts dropped upon hearing the news from the vet. Though we had read up more and were mentally prepared, it was still sad and we had to learn to accept it. Slowly, with advice and research on the net, we sent Summer for weekly therapy swims at Canine Wellness to strengthen his leg muscles and slowly we saw his improvement.

To maintain the quality of life for Summer, he was on monthly Cartefen jabs, weekly swims at Sun Petgamart and daily glucosamine. As we were always on the lookout for the best for Summer, we chanced upon Rose-Hip Vital® Canine when we were at Pet Asia in May 2015. With an open mind to try anything for Summer, we bought 2 big tubs of Rose-Hip Vital® Canine 500g Powder home and started him on daily loading dosage.

Since then, we have not looked back. Summer’s monthly Cartefen jabs is now reduced to bi-annually and is fully on Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Powder daily. We see him now enjoying the quality of life that we wanted him to have and hope he continues to do so!
— Bernard Toh

"Amazing Product!"

Candy C, Singapore Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Testimonial Amazing product! My dog Cassie has a fatty lump on her thigh for more than a year. But after taking this, the lump started to shrink and now, after 2 months.. it's GONE!!! I'm amazed!
— Candy C, Singapore

"Corrine's beautiful boy Sam Diego has shown great results since starting Rose-Hip Vital® Canine Singapore a few weeks ago"

In just 3 weeks, we have seen huge differences with Sam Diego. After his first dose, he was full of energy and wouldn't even let my father have his breakfast because he wanted to play. He now enjoys running and playing and these sessions last much longer than before. He is also more willing to go for his walks everyday.

A couple of weeks before he started taking rose-hip, we brought him to the vet as he did not want to eat. After an X-ray was taken, it showed that 2 of his vertebrae in his spine were very close together. He had another X-ray a few days ago, and it is all evened out! Thank you once again!
— Corrine

"Significant Improvement in Joint Mobility"

I've been using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for my dog for the past few months, and I must say it has made a significant difference in his overall well-being. My dog's joint mobility has improved, and he seems much more active and playful. I highly recommend this product to all dog owners who want to ensure their furry friends have healthy joints.
— Sarah Lim

"Noticeable Improvement in Joint Stiffness"

I started giving Rose-Hip Vital® Canine to my aging dog, and I can see a noticeable improvement in his joint stiffness. He used to struggle while getting up and moving around, but now he seems much more comfortable. Although it takes some time to see the full effects, the results are definitely worth the wait.
— Jason Tan

"Reduction in Joint Discomfort"

I have a large breed dog that suffers from occasional joint discomfort. Since starting Rose-Hip Vital® Canine, I have seen a reduction in his discomfort and an improvement in his mobility. It's great to find a natural supplement that actually works. I will continue using this product for my dog's joint health.
— Emily Wong

"Game-Changer for Joint Health"

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is a game-changer for my dog's joint health. He used to limp after long walks, but ever since we started giving him this supplement, he's been much more active and doesn't show any signs of discomfort. I appreciate that it's made from natural ingredients and has no side effects. Highly recommended!
— David Lim

"Improved Mobility for Senior Dogs"

I have a senior dog who was having difficulty climbing stairs due to joint issues. After using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for a while, I've noticed a significant improvement in his mobility. He's now able to navigate the stairs with ease. This product has definitely made a positive impact on his quality of life.
— Linda Tan

"Lifesaver for Joint Stiffness"

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has been a lifesaver for my dog. She had been struggling with joint stiffness and pain for a while. Since starting this supplement, she's become more active and seems much happier overall. I'm grateful to have found a natural and effective solution for her joint health.
— Michelle Ng

"Supports Active Lifestyle and Agility"

I've been using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for my active dog who loves to run and play. It has helped support his joint health and reduced any occasional stiffness he experiences after intense exercise. I'm impressed with the results and would recommend it to other dog owners who want to keep their furry companions fit and agile.
— William Tan

"Remarkable Difference in Comfort and Mobility"

My veterinarian recommended Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for my dog's joint issues, and I'm glad I followed their advice. This supplement has made a remarkable difference in my dog's comfort and mobility. He's able to enjoy long walks again without any signs of discomfort. It's definitely a product I will continue using.
— Jennifer Lee

"Effective Natural Solution for Joint Health"

I decided to try Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for my dog, who is getting older and experiencing some joint stiffness. It took a couple of weeks to see the effects, but now she's moving around much more comfortably. The natural ingredients and lack of side effects make this a great choice for supporting joint health in dogs.
— Michael Tan

"Happy and Active Again"

I can't recommend Rose-Hip Vital® Canine enough. My dog had been on various joint supplements, but none of them had a significant impact until we tried this one. It has made a tremendous difference in his mobility and overall energy levels. It's worth every penny to see my dog happy and active again.
— Amanda Lim

"Healthier Skin and Reduced Irritation"

I was initially skeptical about using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for my dog's skin condition, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the results. My dog had been suffering from dry and itchy skin, and traditional treatments weren't providing long-lasting relief. Since starting this supplement, his skin has become noticeably healthier and less irritated. I'm glad I gave it a try!
— Samantha Tan

"Game-Changer for Skin Allergies"

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has been a game-changer for my dog's skin allergies. He used to have constant itching and hot spots, which affected his quality of life. However, since incorporating this supplement into his routine, his skin has become significantly less inflamed, and the itching has reduced dramatically. I'm grateful to have found a natural solution that actually works.
— Jonathan Lim

"Notable Improvements in Skin Condition"

I've been using Rose-Hip Vital® Canine to manage my dog's skin condition, and I've seen notable improvements. Her fur has become shinier, and the dry patches on her skin have diminished. While it didn't completely resolve the issue, it has definitely provided relief and made her more comfortable. I would recommend giving it a try for dogs with similar skin concerns.
— Stephanie Wong

Pet owner experiences shared on this page are for informational purposes only, and should not replace consulting a veterinarian if you think your pet has a serious medical issue. While testimonials come from real customers, they represent individual observations. Results may vary. These stories offer a glimpse into how our products may help.