Scientific Research

When evaluating the science supporting a product, it's important to ascertain the level of testing, with the most detailed level being double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. These trials are then published in independent peer-reviewed medical, pharmacology and health journals.

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is supported by over 30 scientific papers including 9 clinical trials, unique to Rose-Hip Vital® products, which have been published in peer reviewed journals internationally and is now acknowledged as the leader in the field of manufactured Rosehip products.

Scientific Journals on Rose-Hip Vital®

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# Name Date Link
1 Over-the-counter options for osteoarthritis joint pain, reviewing the latest evidence. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) United Kingdom. 2017-03-28 Download
2 A Herbal Remedy Derived from Subspecies of Rosa Canina, improves the immune response, working capacity and well-being of dogs? A parallel, placebo-controlled, double blinded, randomized study. OARSI 2010 2010-10-26 Download
3 Rose hip powder that contains the natural amount of shells and seeds alleviates pain in osteoarthritis in the dominant hand – a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled, cross-over clinical trial. 2013-07-04 Download
4 Australian Family Physician: Rosehip – An evidence based herbal medicine for inflammation and arthritis. 2012-07-05 Download
5 BMC Complimentary and Alternative Medicine 2011: Rose hip and its constituent galactolipids confer cartilage protection by modulating cytokine, and chemokine expression 2011-11-03 Download
6 Certificate of Origin 2010-10-26 Download
7 Characterization of anti-inflammatory triterpene-acids from rose hip powder Rosa canina L 2010-09-01 Download
8 A systematic review on the Rosa canina Effect and Efficacy Profiles 2010-06-22 Download
9 Rose-hip herbal remedy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis a randomised controlled trial 2010-02-02 Download
10 Efficacy of glucosamine hydrochloride or specialised rosehip powder in osteoarthritis patients an indirect comparison meta analysis 2009-09-24 Download
11 Abstract A herbal remedy made from RHV improves daily 2009-02-26 Download
12 Can a powder made from subtypes of rose hip act structure modifying in Osteoarthritis 2009-02-25 Download
13 Anti Inflammatory and Chondro protective effects of Rose hip powder and its consitituent galactolipid GOPO 2008-09-24 Download
14 A One year Survey on the Use of a Powder from Rosa canina lito in Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Pain 270808 2008-08-27 Download
15 The Glactolipid GOPO mediates beneficial Effects of Rosehip on Arthritis 2008-06-11 Download
16 Laboratory and preclinical studies on the anti inflammatory and anti oxident properties of rosehip powder 2008-06-06 Download
17 A standardized Powder made from Rosehips Rosa canina L 2008-05-06 Download
18 Phytotherapy Research A Systematic Review On The Rosa Canina Effect And Efficacy Profile 2008-04-03 Download
19 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage World Congress on Osteoarthritis Florida 2007-12-06 Download
20 Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases abstracts 2007-06-16 Download
21 World Congress on Osteoarthritis Prague 2006-12-07 Download
22 A Powder made from the seeds and shells of a Rosehip subspecies Rosa canina L Scandinavian Journal Rheumatology Vol34 2006-01-07 Download
23 Breakthrough in reducing inflammation Nutracon Conference Notebook Anaheim 2006-03-20 Download
24 Powder prepared from seeds and shells of a sub type of Rosa canina Litozin 2005-02-10 Download
25 Activity guided fractionation and Structure Elucidation GOPO 2004-09-29 Download
26 Hyben Vital Reduces Pain Stiffnes and inflammatory markers and improves well being in patients suffering from Osteoarthritis 2004-05-24 Download
27 Impact of a Standardised Powder Crohns Ulcerative Colitis 2004-04-01 Download
28 A Herbal Remedy Hyben Vital stand powder of a subspecies of rosa canina fruits reduces pain 2004-01-21 Download
29 Anti inflammatory Galactolipid from Rose Hip that inhibits Chemotaxis 2003-02-12 Download
30 Danish Institute Agricultural Sciences Case Study 2003-02-10 Download
31 Support information 6 pages ASP 2003 2003-01-01 Download
32 Herbal Remedy Hyben Vital Reduces consumption of Paracetamol in middle aged women 2002-08-15 Download
33 Randomized double blind placebo controlled cross over trial of the Herbal Remedy in patients with Osteoarthritis 2002-06-10 Download
34 Effects of Standardized Remedy Current Therapeutic Research 2002-01-30 Download
35 LDL Cholesterol C Reactive Protein is influenced by Rosehip 2001-09-09 Download
36 Hyben Vital Herbal Remedy reduces pain stiffness in the hip 2001-04-17 Download
37 The Anti inflammatory properties of rosehip 1999-02-04 Download
38 Can Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis benefit from the herbal remedy Rosehip 1999-07-13 Download
39 Rose hip inhibits chemotaxis and chemiluminnescence of human neutrophils in vitro 1999-07-12 Download
40 Abstract Form Cell Preserving and anti inflammatory of property 1997-09-12 Download