Canine Rosehip Pioneers

The Humble Beginnings of Rose-Hip Vital

Rose-Hip Vital comes from humble beginnings, born from the need for a natural solution to inflammatory pain. This focus remains at the core of what we do to this day.

Known as the ‘Dog’ rose, Rosa Canina berries were traditionally harvested from wild regions of South America and Southern Africa. When the reputation of these naturally medicinal berries grew abroad, rosehips were transported to Europe, where the first European rosehip farmers began perfecting their trade.

It was in Denmark, on his family’s farm in Langeland, that Erik Hansen developed his now-patented manufacturing process. Hansen’s process remains the only method worldwide able to unlock the driving force behind the rosehip berry’s anti-inflammatory capabilities: the activated galactolipid, GOPO®.

Before his journey with rosehips, Hansen was a sufferer of chronic osteoarthritis. Early in the 1980’s, frustrated with the lack of pain relief found in existing methods of treatment, he decided to trial rosehip marmalade. He was amazed to find that it worked.

Hansen invested in his own crop of rosehip bushes. Painstakingly, he perfected a unique method of drying and extraction to produce the purest, most potent yield possible from every berry.

Testimonials began to flow in from fellow arthritis sufferers, who were now using Hansen’s product and had finally found symptomatic relief. The family’s farm grew as the reputation of their revolutionary product spread.

In 1995, Hansen’s son visited Fredricksberg Hospital, within the University of Copenhagen, to consult with an inflammation specialist. He carried with him over 5000 letters from gratified clients. In-vitro studies validated what thousands of users already knew. That Hansen’s wholly-natural rosehip product brought exceptional relief to inflammatory pain.

Hansen’s humble beginnings on his family’s farm have now grown to encompass 200 hectares of farmland, maintained by over 40 full-time farmers. The company Hyben Vitals ApS was born. It’s from their exclusive farms in Denmark that Rose-Hip Vital is able to source our powerhouse rosehips, bringing this revolutionary anti-inflammatory to Singapore soil.